Brigitte Wüstinger Brigitte Wüstinger

Martin Darting Martin Darting

Since Sept. 2019 CEO of WINE System AG. His area of expertise includes the education of state-recognized sommeliers and wine experts, holding seminars on sensorial perception, sensorial analysis, wine and cheese, chocolate, wine- and food pairing as well as international wine topics. Martin Darting holds lectures on a regular basis on sensorial evaluation, wine- and communication, product management, viniculture (winegrowing) and cellar-techniques as well as sensorial perception of food and wine. Martin Darting founded the prize-giving tastings for the Bio-Fach Weinpreis in 1997 and conducts the international organic wine award today. All tastings are implemented according to his internationally-recognized PAR-System as the first online-evaluation system of its kind.

Gisela Wüstinger Gisela Wüstinger

Gisela has developed the extensive database which is one of the main technical requirements for the PAR-System. Gisela has many years of experience in wine awards, tastings and events. She was the CEO since Sept. 2019

Svea Johannsen Svea Johannsen

your contact person for administration, order process, registration and many other issues. Svea is fluent in english and she is responsibe for the database. You can reach Svea under

Beate Brümmer Beate Brümmer

is in charge of all Matters regarding PAR-Shop.

Sonja Hartung Sonja Hartung

supports the WINE System AG team in the Public Relations department. After finishing her apprenticeship within the five star hospitality, she spent three years in South Africa and returned to Germany in 2007, where she did an advanced training on Public Relations at LMU Munich. Since then she works as a freelance PR consultant and copywriter. At the moment Sonja is in parental leave. For all media inquiries please contact

Inge Mainzer Inge Mainzer

Mercedes Nemeth Mercedes Nemeth

Natascha Konieczny Natascha Konieczny

our cooperation partner in Greece. Natscha lives in Hellas since 1995

Karin Lundberg Karin Lundberg

was born in Argentina and lives in Spain. She has discovered her passion for wine during one of Martin Darting's wine seminars. Karin represents WINE System AG in Spain

Patrick Rupp